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A consultation is necessary to assess the condition of your skin, identify problems, choose home care and treatments to preserve and maintain youth and beauty.
Your skincare is prescribed, focusing on the state of the body as a whole, and not just on individual age-related changes - wrinkles, acne, etc. The consultation takes into account all the factors that affect your skin and selects the treatment and care that meets your individual characteristics.
The consultation can be done in person or online. A one-to-one consultation is free of charge, provided that the treatment is completed immediately after the initial appointment. The cost of an online consultation or one-to-one consultation without a treatment is £50.

Bookings can only be made after a deposit of £50 has been paid.
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Форма бронирования
Консультацию можно пройти лично или онлайн.
Консультация лично проводится бесплатно при условии прохождения назначенной процедуры сразу по окончании первичного приёма. Стоимость онлайн консультации или личной консультации без процедуры £50.

Запись можно сделать только после внесения предоплаты £50
Форма консультации:
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