What is Dermapen - fractional mesotherapy
During the procedure of fractional mesotherapy, the patient is given micro-injections, which pierce small areas of the skin - micro zones that required treatment. The treated areas are located from each other at a distance. On the skin surface they occupy less than 25%. The penetration depth is 0.5 - 2 mm on average and depends on several factors: the thickness of the skin, the thickness of the fat mass and the size of the area of concern.

Special nozzles of the Dermatin device (Dermapen) consist of a bundle of specifically sharpened needles, the surface of which is covered with nano silver, which helps prevent inflammation at the place of injection and rapid abrasion of the needles. The delicate and high-tech technique of microinjections, as well as the high speed at impact (the "pop" effect) make the injections painless and reduce the side effect of irritation.
  • the presence of deep wrinkles and sagging skin;
  • scars (postoperative and post-traumatic);
  • skin stretch marks after pregnancy and sudden weight loss;
  • acne and post-acne;
  • dull skin color and age spots;
  • baldness on the head;
  • the presence of large pores and increased fat content;
  • the presence of "orange peel";
  • fat folds in problem areas.
  • deviations in mentality and epilepsy;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • inflammatory and infectious processes;
  • carrying out the procedure of chemical peeling within 2 weeks before fractional mesotherapy;
  • disease of the heart and blood vessels;
  • systemic diseases;
  • violation of blood clotting;
  • psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes and other skin diseases.
Number of treatments: a noticeable effect occurs after 1-2 procedures, which has accumulative effect and only increases with time. Complete 100% cell regeneration occurs after 5-6 sessions, due to which a visible effect of lifting, rejuvenation and correction of other cosmetic defects is achieved.

Result: age-related changes in the skin become less noticeable, the collagen framework of the skin is restored, the depth of wrinkles is significantly reduced, scars and stretch marks disappear, pores become less noticeable, skin oiliness decreases
In the first 2 days after procedure, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure. Do not visit sauna, bath, and pool. Do not use creams, facial milk cleansers , and decorative cosmetics.

There may be a redness in the place of the puncture immediately after the procedure, which will disappear after a few hours. Hematomas and bruises are possible with patients who have weak vessels.
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