What is intimate area fillers
There are a number of conditions that do not pose a direct threat to a woman's health, but literally poison her life. We are talking about aesthetic imperfections in the intimate area.

Often women experience discomfort and complexes due to the shape or size of the labia: too large or small, asymmetrical or deformed, for example, after childbirth. Intimate plastic surgery will give you the opportunity to correct the mistakes of nature, get rid of uncertainty and dissatisfaction with yourself, and, therefore, get more joy from your sex life.

Today, there is a special injection technique that allows you to correct intimate areas without resorting to surgery.

With the help of intimate area fillers, you can rejuvenate the skin in the intimate area, change the shape and size of the labia.
  • the need to change the size and shape of the labia;
  • discomfort when putting on and wearing underwear;
  • sagging skin or asymmetry;
  • pain in the perineum during intimacy or physical activity;
  • fusion of the labia minora.
  • disruption of the cardiovascular system;
  • infectious diseases;
  • mental disorders;
  • autoimmune pathologies;
  • problems with blood clotting;
  • varicose veins at the acute stage;
  • the presence of neoplasms, benign and malignant.
With the help of contour plastic surgery you can:

  • correct the labia, clitoris;
  • correct vaginal imperfections;
  • improve sensations during sexual intercourse;
  • rejuvenate the genitals.
As a rule, there is no recovery period required after the procedure, but you may experience discomfort for some time. Sometimes the external genital organs swell and bruises may appear, but after a few days all painful sensations disappear. No special care required - increased hygiene.
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