About Radio Frequency Facial
RF lifting facial is an advanced apparat treatment for skin lifting and tightening . During radiofrequency treatment, electric current flows to the skin dermis layer to stimulate fibroblasts that are protein and collagen producing cells. Old , weak cells are broken down and eliminated from the body while new, healthy cells take their place and skin becomes firmer, tighter with a visual lifting effect making this treatment great for face contouring.
      • Ageing skin
      • Sagging skin
      • Ptosis, droppy eyelids
      • Wrinkles and fine lines
      • Post Acne scars


      • Fat deposits in areas of concern
      • Cellulite
      • Stretch marks
      • Loss of skin elasticity
      • Sagging skin
      • Skin disease
      • Oncology disease
      • Moles, pigmentation, papilloma in the area of concern
      • Pacemaker, metal or silicone implants
      • High blood pressure
      • Thrombophlebitis and Varicose veins
      • Endocrine disease ( Thyrotoxicosis, hypothyroidism, diabetes )
      • Atherosclerosis
      • Neurological Disorders
      Post treatment effect
      This fantastic treatment has an accumulative effect on the collagen production which does not stop right after the treatment. The production of new collagen is activated and the processes are ticking like a clock by turning back the time on the skin aging, revealing more youthful looking , contoured face and body. For even better results, RF facial treatment can be perfectly combined with skin peel, mesotherapy, bio revitalization .
          After care
          • During first 24 h after RF treatment avoid using make up and washing your face
          • Maximum hydration, regular use of day/night hydration skincare, drinking 3 litres of water will help to maintain optimal hydration
          • Protection from harsh environment. During the 7 days after the treatment avoid direct sunlight, sunbeds and swimming pools as chlorine can cause dryness to the skin. Peels and scrubs should also be postponed .
          • Keep the moisture for the best skin regeneration by avoiding excessive sweating, saunas and steam room for 7 days post treatment
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