About Deep Cleanse Facial
Deep Cleanse Facial is a fantastic exfoliation treatment for clients who wish to have an in-depth cleanse and get rid of impurities. Treatment involves removal of dead skin cells, blackheads and whiteheads, helps with pore congestion. Treatment visually improves the appearance of your skin as well boosting blood circulation within the skin and balancing sebum production.
        Best suited for
        • Excessive sebum production
        • Open and congested pores
        • Comedones
        • Blackheads
        • Acne at the healing stage
        • Dull skin
        • Loss of elasticity
        • Herpes
        • Eczema
        • Pustular facial skin infections
        • Bronchial asthma
        • Diabetes
        • High Blood Pressure
        • Mental Health Disorders
        • Epilepsy
        What type of deep clean facial to choose from
        Ultrasonic Facial
        Best suited for normal skin type and is performed with an ultrasonic devise to gently exfoliate the skin of dead skin cells and impurities.
        Manual deep cleanse facial
        Best suited for oily and combination skin types. This is a physical removal of debris and clogging by hand or aesthetic tools.
        Acid peel
        Delicate removing of dead skin cells and impurities using fruit enzyme or acid peels tailored for your skin concern
        Oxygen facial
        The ultimate facial rejuvenation that cleanses, exfoliates and detoxifies the skin with a Facial System that uses oxygen.
        Combined facial
        Facial treatment that uses a combination of techniques that are professionally tailored for your skin concern
        Benefits of a Deep Cleanse Facial
        • Decreases oil production and breakouts in the skin
        • Unclogs pores
        • Boosts skin elasticity and collagen
        • Evens out skin tone
        • Improved skin metabolism
        • Skin regeneration is improved
        • Gives a youthful appearance
        After care
        • Avoid washing and touching the skin for 10-12 hours
        • Avoid the use of scrub for at least 7 days post treatment
        • Avoid direct sun light and sunbeds for at least 48 h post treatment as this can prompt hyperpigmentation.
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