What is light therapy
Light therapy is a skin rejuvenation method that uses light from UV lamps with different colour filters (depending on the type of epidermis and the characteristics of the patient's skin).

LED enhances cellular metabolism in the skin, which in turn stimulates the creation of new collagen and elastin, improves blood circulation, and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system. As a result, the skin is tightened, becomes more elastic and looks younger. Also, the LED technique allows you to kill all pathogenic bacteria in the skin that cause, for example, acne.
        • age-related changes, sagging, wrinkles;
        • inflammation on the skin, acne, post-acne;
        • uneven tone, dull complexion, pigmentation;
        • lack of moisture, dryness, peeling, pallor;
        • irritated, damaged, stressed skin;
        • as a treatment after aggressive procedures and injections
        • тяжелые состояния здоровья;
        • повышенная чувствительность к свету (фото аллергия);
        • при раке, эпилепсии, беременности;
        • прием лекарств, при которых нежелательно находиться на открытом солнце (например, тетрациклин или гидрокортизон).
        • minimizes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes
        • minimizes pores on the skin
        • improves the appearance of the skin
        • improves skin elasticity by stimulating collagen production
        • reduces the intensity of brown spots on the skin
        • hydrates the skin
        • stimulates and activates the metabolism in the skin
        • safe for all skin types and has no side effects
        • reduces scarring, redness, flaking, itching and sensitivity caused by eczema.
            After care
            • Drink plenty of water;
            • Use moisturizing creams with hyaluronic acid;
            • use sunscreen when going outside;
            • exfoliate the surface layer of dead cells of the epidermis with peeling.
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